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"The World is Waiting to Meet You"

Saga TVC • UK • 2018

In the cold last days of November, we had the pleasure to work with Knucklehead and director Siri on Saga’s travel campaign.
Leading with its travel business, Saga’s campaign is told through the stories of three global characters. The films, rather than focusing on destinations instead showcase the lasting impact travelers have on the people they meet when traveling.
You can watch the whole campaign through the link below.

The World Is Waiting To Meet You by Siri Bunford | Knucklehead

Based in London & LA, Knucklehead produce creatively driven content for top advertising agencies, brands, and clients worldwide.



Japan’s Support For Disability

CNN reportage on Jica's Project • UK • 2018

Japan is working with Mongolia side by side to provide training programs to persons with disabilities and raise public awareness on inclusiveness so as to promote their active participation in its society.

We had an honor to meet and interview Emi Teruya, an inspiring women who is encouraging the people with disabilities in Mongolia to promote social participation.


Beijing To Moscow

Toggle romance-mystery series • Singapore • 2018

Beijing to Moscow is an original Toggle 13-episode romance-mystery series starring Felicia Chin, Aloysius Pang, River Huang and Jojo Goh, and will be premiered in June 2019 on Toggle.

The series was shot in a two-month road trip to China, Mongolia and Russia from August to October 2018. Our crew had the pleasure to work on the series for over a month in Mongolia and in Siberia.

This is the last project for the Singaporean aspiring male lead actor Aloysius Pang before his death on 24 January 2019. We pay our tribute to Aloysius and thinking back the memories we had during the filming of the series.

Behind the scenes:


Watch the episode 2 here:


Filemon Buiten Westen

NPO3 • Nederland • 2018

From the densely populated Netherlands, Filemon travels to the most sparsely populated country in the world, Mongolia.

The series takes him to the camel herders of the Gobi desert. He learns the nomadic lifestyle, the camel herding tradition and the difficulties they face, specially during an extremely dry summer which makes it hard for the animals to survive and the herders whose lives are dependent on their livestocks.

Whilst learning the traditions he was just in time for the beginning of summer when the castration ceremony takes place and Filemon tries the bizarre dish made after the ceremony, he even challenges himself with local herders in a camel race followed by his first experience to a shamanistic ritual.

Watch Filemon’s journey here:

Filemon Buiten Westen: Kamelenherders in Mongolië gemist? Kijk op

Filemon reist naar het dunbevolktste land ter wereld, Mongolië. De kamelenherders van de Gobiwoestijn leven een nomadisch en teruggetrokken bestaan waarin ze volledig afhankelijk zijn van hun kamelen. Vanuit het dichtbevolkte Nederland reist Filemon naar het dunbevolktste land ter wereld, Mongolië.


Ragas Reist Rond - A Family Journey through Mongolia

RTL • Nederland • 2018

Dutch star studded family Bastiaan and Tooske Ragas embarks on a journey of a lifetime and decide to bring their beautiful children with them.

Their adventure take them from jungles of Brunei, to concrete metropolis of Japan and the steppe of Mongolia.

Their purpose is to show their children different lifestyles and visit fellow Dutch people who have settled around the world to experience their life for few blissful moments.


C8 • France • 2018

Pascal Soetens is presenting a new episode of "Pascal le grand frère” and this time he is going to a whole new destination to bring 4 young adults out of their comfort zone and show how different life can be in Mongolia.

Alexandra, Aurore, Anthony and Louis-Marie are the mixture of 4 young personalities whom Pascal will be confronting with their personal problems this time. None of them know each other and they will have to live and work together while overcoming their personal issues as an individual in a remote country where nature is stronger than man.

The young adults are cut connections from their environment and forced to adapt to the harsh nomadic environment to overcome their issues and finally find themselves.

Do you think the mixture of these 4 young adults can survive the Mongolian wilderness?

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The Reindeer Tribe

What3words & Airbnb TVC • UK • 2018

In the beginning of summer and the last snow fall in the Taiga mountains our crew had a pleasant trip to the reindeer tribe and filmed the most unique home on Airbnb and how to find them by only using 3 words.

We were headed north, deep into the forest to find the reindeer tribe in their spring camp right before they move deep into the woods and cuddle with the newborn reindeers with Chris Sheldrick, Cameron Sinclair and what3words team.

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Managing the Steppe in Mongolia

Deutsche Welle Global Ideas Series with Dan Hirschfeld • Germany • 2018

For centuries, Mongolia's grasslands have been its most important resource: 97 percent of the country's territory provides herding families with an income. But there are too many animals, which has resulted in degradation of 70 percent of grazing land. Certain plant species are dying out, and animals aren't able to find enough quality food, translating into a loss of income for the herders. A grazing land management system aims to reward sustainable use and give the plants a chance to regenerate.


Mongolia's grasslands chewed to the brink | DW | 29.05.2018

Project goal: Biodiversity Finance Initiative (BIOFIN) is a global partnership working in 30 countries including Mongolia that supports efforts to establish workable financial strategies for the protection of biodiversity Project advancement/boost: 530,000 USD to spend for 3 years - 2015-2018 Project partners (local and at the UN): BIOFIN is managed

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Environmental Crisis - 2

Fuji TV • Japan • 2018

Environmental Crisis - 2 is a second full-length documentary of Japan’s Fuji TV’s and it is about Environmental Crisis and Climate refugees of Mongolia. It is about how the climate change affects the Mongol nomads, how badly the city of Ulaanbaatar suffers from the world’s worst air pollution, and the threat of Zud, a winter phenomenon when an extreme low temperature and heavy snow make it difficult for animals to survive.

環境クライシス - フジテレビ

環境クライシス - 番組情報。~凍てつく大地の環境難民~


OFF ROADS, Les Routes De L’extrême

RMC Découverte • Warner Bros Int • France • 2018

Miss France 2011 Laury Thilleman invited comedian Vincent Lagaf on a challenging journey to the heart of Mongolian steppe to conquer 1000 kilometers through the breathtaking landscape in 4 days to reach their destination.

Through their journey the combination of snow, ice, mud, frozen lake and sand dunes put their skills and the 4x4 to the test.

They’ve shared great conversations, exciting adventures, witnessed new born animals, and encountered local fisherman on a frozen lake, got stuck in the sand dunes and pulled out of it with the help of a camel herder, got lost on the way and got back on the road with the direction of a yak herder and most importantly bonded and discovered about each other during the journey.

Laury continued her journey from the Mongolian steppe to the great salt desert of Bolivia, from the Moroccan Atlas Mountains to the red lands of Madagascar and from Montenegro to the Sri Lankan jungle, the road has been full of surprises for her.



Hector - Ó Siberia go Saigon

TG4 • Ireland • 2018

The greatest, the longest, the most epic journey Hector has ever done begins in one of the most sparsely populated regions on Earth. He’s 3,500 kms from Moscow, the capital of Russia but stuck deep in a place where exiles and prisoners were sent for 1000’s of years. Yes – Hector is beginning his greatest adventure of them all deep in Siberia. In 8 week’s time, having stepped out of Russia, crossed Mongolia and China, entered Nepal and crossed Bangladesh, Burma, Thailand and Cambodia he will end up sunning himself in Saigon, a journey of over 8,000 kms.

On his journey through Mongolia, he connects with unique locals from a herder who moved out of the city to live the nomad life to understand why he did the opposite when everyone is going after a life in a bigger city, a sport enthusiast to better understand the wrestling culture, young journalist to understand the country’s current situation to an owner of a most isolated vinyl store.


Hector - Ó Siberia go Saigon | Hector Ó hEochagáin | Travel | Entertainment | TG4 | #HectorTG4

Yes - Hector is beginning his greatest adventure of them all deep in Siberia. In 8 week's time, having stepped out of Russia, crossed Mongolia and China, entered Nepal and crossed Bangladesh, Burma, Thailand and Cambodia he will end up sunning himself in Saigon, a journey of over 8,000 kms.