OFF ROADS, Les Routes De L’extrême

RMC Découverte • Warner Bros Int • France • 2018

Miss France 2011 Laury Thilleman invited comedian Vincent Lagaf on a challenging journey to the heart of Mongolian steppe to conquer 1000 kilometers through the breathtaking landscape in 4 days to reach their destination.

Through their journey the combination of snow, ice, mud, frozen lake and sand dunes put their skills and the 4x4 to the test.

They’ve shared great conversations, exciting adventures, witnessed new born animals, and encountered local fisherman on a frozen lake, got stuck in the sand dunes and pulled out of it with the help of a camel herder, got lost on the way and got back on the road with the direction of a yak herder and most importantly bonded and discovered about each other during the journey.

Laury continued her journey from the Mongolian steppe to the great salt desert of Bolivia, from the Moroccan Atlas Mountains to the red lands of Madagascar and from Montenegro to the Sri Lankan jungle, the road has been full of surprises for her.