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Johnny Into the Wild

with Eva Jinek and Merel Westrik.

RTL • Nederland • 2017

Two of the most powerful women (Eva Jinek and Merel Westrik) in Dutch television join Johnny de Mol on his adventure to ride through western Mongolia to explore and experience Altai mountain region.  

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Little girls dreaming big, racing horses in Mongolia.

Al Jazeera story 2017

Just before the Naadam festival, we had a pleasure working with Hannah Griffin, a young Canadian multimedia journalist. Her writing has appeared in VICE and various newspapers and magazines in both Canada and the US. 

Read her full story on the nature of Mongolian horse racing and cultural aspects of it.

Little girls dreaming big, racing horses in Mongolia

Hannah Griffin is a Canadian journalist and photographer. She has a Master's of Journalism from NYU. Tsagaandelger, Dundgovi Province, Mongolia - Nine-year-old Bujinlkham Damdinsuren sits surrounded by her sisters inside her family's ger - the round, felt-sided tent where nomadic Mongolian families live.


Wednesday Campanella - Melos

Music Video • Japan • 2017

In one of the windiest days of the year in early May we had a pleasure of working on this amazing project Melos by Wednesday Campanella.

Do you need 100 horses and 100 top riders in the vast landscape? Film in Mongolia!

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Founders Valley with Fridtjof Detzner. Deutsche Welle

Germany • 2017

The 10-part TV Series FOUNDERS VALLEY follows Fridtjof Detzner - an award-winning founder of a successful German startup - on a journey throughout Asia. Looking for visionary ideas he meets with founders and startups that work on innovative and inspiring solutions.
The stretch from idea to success as an entrepreneur, the difficulties that need to be overcome, the troubles and opportunities in a digitized and globalized world - FOUNDERS VALLEY will explore and showcase these unique protagonists and stories.

As part of his journey, Fridtjof meets young entrepreneurs who love what they do and watch their idea develop from a dream into a business and the impact globalization has in their businesses in Mongolia.

Preview 1st episode - Mongolia: Between Tradition and Globalization | All media content | DW | 02.08.2017

From the prospect of innovation to the challenges of the industry, Google has offered an optimistic prognosis for journalism. DW caught up with Google's head of publishing and news in Europe to discuss the details.

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