On The Road with Jan.

Belgian travel show

Belgium • 2017

"On the Road with Jan" is a Belgium travel show where the host Jan Van Looveren invites another known Belgian celebrity to undertake a challenging road trip.

The Host of the show Jan Van Looveren invites Carry Goossens to join his journey and they take the adventure together through the Mongolian steppe, welcomed by a nomad family, learn about their lifestyle and drive on a 138m deep frozen lake Khuvsgul in the coldest days of this winter to meet the Dukha, Mongolia's last reindeer people.

Mongolia is part of their episode along with the journey through Peru, Bolivia, Madagascar, Ethiopia and 2 other countries.

Check out their journey here where they experience Mongolian culture and hospitality in the vast beautiful nature at it's coldest, where at some point the weather reached -38°C.

Behind the scenes: