french music video filmed in mongolia

Petite Meller - The Flute Music Video filmed in Khuvsgul 2016

"To film, me and my team rode into the Mongolian hills of Genghis Khan
by truck and horseback, where I follow the sound of the Flute.
In the flute, its a picture of a blushed Mongolian girl which I connected with,

cause of a traumatic sunburn I had as a child.
In my
teens, I started putting on the blush to mark the memory of the pain, 
I felt as alien, but as an artist, this mark is now an identity.

Wear your trauma proudly. Find your tribes."

Behind the scenes:

De Helden Van Arnout. Belgium 2016

Arnout Hauben's amazing adventures retraces the historical route of William of Rubruck who in 1254 visited Kharakhorum and was given audience to the great Munkh Khan.

William was a missionary of the Louis IX and was set out to convert Tatars into Christianity to gain supporters for their fights with Musilim world. William of Rubruck was a Flemish Franciscan missionary and explorer. His account is one of the masterpieces of medieval geographical documentary literature. In May 1254, during his stay among the Mongols, William entered into a famous competition at the Mongol court, as the khan encouraged a formal debate between the Christians, Buddhists, and Muslims, to determine which faith was correct, as determined by three judges, one from each faith.