Filming in Gobi

Le Kasha Luxury Lifestyle Cachemire de Voyage (France) 2015

Founded in France in 1918, Le Kasha was part of a revolution in the way the women of the 1920s dressed.

In reviving the story of Le Kasha, Mali brings together her family heritage, her knowledge of knitwear and her passion for travel with a spirit of escapism and adventure. 

Cachemire de Voyage is the first collection of her lifestyle brand. It’s a complete and timeless pure cashmere wardrobe, and marks the start of Le Kasha’s new journey…

And what better place to start than the home of the world's best cashmere-Mongolia.

Barbecue Film. Australia 2015

Barbecue is about more than grilling a piece of meat. It’s a ritual performed religiously across the world. It's a path to salvation. It’s the pride of nations. And the stories told around the fires become a way to bring the world together.

From Shisanyama in South Africa, to Engangsgrill in Sweden, people light the coals, gather, and tell their story. From the Syrian border to an outback Australian town, journeying to twelve countries including Mongolia, intimate portraits of those who stoke the flames reveal a surprising vision of humanity.

Watch Barbecue on Netflix.

Behind the scenes:

Barbecue is a symphony of meat and fire told on an epic scale.

Mongolia's Got Talent Season 1 2015

Imagine, you are given an opportunity to be a part of the World's biggest TV show and cast amazing talents across the whole country. After 2 months of traveling in the snow, mud, ice, steppe, Gobi, across mountains, rivers and frozen lakes and seeing what this amazing country of ours has to offer, we are grateful to be part of this colossal, game changing project which had the highest ranking view of any show in the history of the country.

Nikon Asia Lens Commercial Shoot 2015

One of the most fun shoots we've ever had, from different landscapes to different families and people, not to mention the Ural side car adventures in surprisingly cold summer days do little justice to this shoot and what an amazing group of people gathered in the team.

Shoot locations varied for each of the fantastic Nikon lenses showcasing the true potential of what they Eyes of Nikon are made of.