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Managing the Steppe in Mongolia

Deutsche Welle Global Ideas Series with Dan Hirschfeld Germany 2018

For centuries, Mongolia's grasslands have been its most important resource: 97 percent of the country's territory provides herding families with an income. But there are too many animals, which has resulted in degradation of 70 percent of grazing land. Certain plant species are dying out, and animals aren't able to find enough quality food, translating into a loss of income for the herders. A grazing land management system aims to reward sustainable use and give the plants a chance to regenerate.


Mongolia's grasslands chewed to the brink | DW | 29.05.2018

Project goal: Biodiversity Finance Initiative (BIOFIN) is a global partnership working in 30 countries including Mongolia that supports efforts to establish workable financial strategies for the protection of biodiversity Project advancement/boost: 530,000 USD to spend for 3 years - 2015-2018 Project partners (local and at the UN): BIOFIN is managed